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Charitable aims and objectives

The Children’s Wood became a registered charity in January 2015. Our charitable aims are:

The advancement of education by

  • Providing outdoor learning for children and their carers
  • Organising public and schools events
  • Working with schools and other organisations to educate about the benefits of learning and playing outside in nature.

The provision of recreational facility, or the organisation of recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended, by

  • Preserving a woodland experience in the city so maintaining and protecting our local environment.
  • Creating opportunities for children and the community to play outside in nature and meet each other by organising playgroups and events
  • Developing space for participants to explore in a safe and secure outdoor environment for the benefit of the community and its cohesion

The advancement of citizenship or community development by

  • Training teachers and volunteers
  • Working with the local community around North Kelvin Meadow in the nearby wards within City of Glasgow (geographically this covers those living predominantly in the Maryhill/Kelvin, Canal, and Hillhead wards of the city)
  • Creating intergenerational opportunities and engaging with harder to reach groups through events and linking up with other groups within the community.

The advancement of arts, heritage, culture or science by community projects and events


We are pleased to tell you that so far this year we have received 3 funding applications. We’ll be putting more information on here soon about how we have and will spend these funds.


The Robertson Trust

Uk Space Agency Space for All.

The Postcode Lottery


The People's Projects


Big Lottery Communities and Families Fund (March)
Big Lottery Awards for All (June)
Foundation Scotland ASDA fund (June)

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