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  • Volunteer Gardening 12:00 pm 24th May 2024
  • Volunteer Gardening 12:00 pm 29th May 2024

About Managing The Land

We’ve been managing the land in collaboration with the local community and other  groups such as the RSPB and The Conservation Volunteers. We involve the local community through weekly, monthly and one off events. Working with ‘experts’ to support the conservation and development of the land helps to improve how we care for and maintain the land. For example, we sought advice from the Botanic Gardens about where best to plant our native bluebells, snowdrops and wild garlic. This was three years ago and the species are doing well and have spread. We have collaborated with the RSPB on meadow planting and erecting House Sparrow boxes.  We have planted more  meadow and woodland meadow plots thanks to Grow Wild funding and community support.

We have planted over 300 trees, including a small selection of trees donated by MP Patrick Grady.  One of our volunteers created a nursery to bring on the smaller saplings.  This was after advice from the Tree Inspection Report we commissioned from Arboricultural and Environmental Consultant Iona Hyde in 2016 (see below).  So far, the young trees are flourishing in the bed and will be planted out on the land in the next year.  We  have various reports and documents created by local experts which inform what we plant and where. Our friends at the Woodlands Community Garden donated our two large water butts and so we can now water plants and the land. The lovely local fire station fills the butts up when we run low on water.

We planted the community orchard 6 years ago. More recently the Orchard project have collaborated with us and the wider community on managing the orchard, including advice, support and foraging events.

The Children’s Wood will be developing the shed into a community resource so we will have running water soon.

Please read the Tree Inspection Report for 2016 at the link below. Another inspection will be due in the coming months.

Tree Inspection Report and Management Recommendations- The Children’s Wood_FINAL

Get Involved

There are various ways to get involved and lots of jobs needing done. Please get in touch if you’d like to support the land

Where Do We Meet?

We meet up weekly and through our volunteer action weekends. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

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