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The Children’s Wood North Kelvin Meadow Labyrinth is the realsiation of a long-held vision of local resident Nick Fuller to bring a public labyrinth to Glasgow, for the benefit and enjoyment the local community and visitors alike.

In 2018 The Children’s Wood worked in collaboration with local resident and labyrinth worker Nick Fuller and the National Theatre of Scotland to install a labyrinth on the land.

For thousands of years labyrinths have been used by people around the world for guidance, inspiration and meditation.

The labyrinth on the Children’s Wood and Meadow was initially the centre piece for an exciting site-specific theatrical interpretation of Naoki Higashida’s The Reason I Jump, which was  staged at The Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow by National Theatre for Scotland in June 2018.  The labyrinth remains as a legacy for the local community and visitors.

The labyrinth was built using reclaimed cobbles from nearby Maryhill, weaving ancient design with local heritage to enhance the wonderful environmental resource of the Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow.

Having a labyrinth on the land goes back several years when Nick Fuller approached The Children’s Wood about the idea of having a labyrinth on the land. At the time we couldn’t see how to make something that wouldn’t be too intrusive to people using the land. During the years leading up to the labyrinth creation Nick tested out temporary labyrinths with chalk (and fairy lights at Halloween) and they were well received by the community.

When The National Theatre of Scotland approached us about The Reason I Jump we linked them up with Nick and the rest is history.

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The labyrinth invites an inner ritual journey from everyday reality into a world of peace and stillness, creating a unique place for reconnecting with ourselves and with Nature.

Labyrinth is an ancient meditative tradition, a centuries old path walked by pilgrims all over the world…It is a walk that leads to divine encounter, to transformation , and to seeing the world with new eyes.” Brian Draper

A labyrinth brings an oasis of tranquillity to the busiest of settings and benefits all sections of the community, including children and young people, the elderly and people with mental and physical health problems, as well as anyone looking for greater peace, insight and balance in their life.

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To find out more about the Labyrinth you can visit the A Labyrinth for Glasgow website    Or contact Nick Fuller or Lucy Vaughan directly by email

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