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The Children’s Wood were granted full planning permission for a Community Park and Garden by Glasgow City Council in January 2016. We will be working with the Government and the Council to try to acquire the site so that the community will have a say over the land for years to come.

Previous information about our Planning application

As many of you will know, North Kelvin Meadow where we hold the majority of our activities both those for public and for schools, is under threat from council plans to sell the land for development following successful approval of a planning application from New City Vision for high end flats. As a positive step, The Children’s Wood have submitted its own planning application to retain the character and use of the land (more about this here). We were initially told that both the developer’s New City Vision and our own planning application would be considered at the end of July — and since then this continued to slip. Most recently we understood the applications would be considered on the 29th September. We have now learned the date will slip again into October, with no date yet fixed. Many thanks for all the words of encouragement and support in the face of this uncertainty; we will keep updated with dates, and any positive action we can and will take to ensure the value of the land to our local community is understood.

The Children’s Wood planning application

The Children’s Wood have asked Alex Macgregor, a local architect with previous experience as both a planner and in incorporating greenspace, to submit a concept plan for the land. In doing so we wish to show that there is an alternative to building houses, and preserving the wild space for future generations. We submitted our plan in response to the recent completion of New City Vision’s submission for building 90 flats on the land such that it will be considered simultaneously, based on overwhelming support by those voting at the AGM.

Our plan has currently been submitted to the council as a concept for planning permission in principle (15/01223/DC), to be considered at the same time as the NCV application. Further commentary on the process is provided here by Alex. At this first stage of the process, the council decide whether or not a full application would be acceptable in principle. In preparing the plan we have engaged with a broad cross-section of users of the land, appropriate to the application stage.

As we await the council’s response, we are discussing with the local community – both in day to day conversation and in more formal contexts such as the recent Market of Ideas event. Moving forward, in the event of the council indicating our proposal is appropriate (as we believe it should) we expect to open an even wider debate on what the community wishes for the land, in order to refine the application for the detailed planning application. Based on the largely positive feedback and support we have received to date, we believe the application, at a conceptual level, is broadly representative of the community wishes. We expect vigorous debate about this land which many hold dear, and are conscious that the Children’s Wood committee, whilst representing diverse interests, is not representative of the whole community. We would therefore propose, following the council’s affirmation in principle of our plan, to hold a series of consultations. We would instigate the formation a planning committee, consisting of members representative of all elements within our community, as a mandate for moving further forward. If you would like to be involved in this process, please do get in touch at, outlining your interests.

We have kept a record of all comments to date regarding the planning application to be incorporated into detailed development plans, and would seek further community input – see list below. Please do get in touch either by speaking to us or by email.

  • Small bushes and shrubs on the meadow create natural areas for privacy and for groups to meet and picnic or use the land
  • The schools would ideally like somewhere secure and dry to leave
    bags, or store resources.
  • An outdoor classroom would be fantastic.
  • Ensure footpaths are as natural as possible, no concrete or gravel!
  • Building work (if any) should be sensitive to the proximity of neighbours to minimise disruption
  • Dog walkers are integral to the land, ensure that they are included proactively, dogs should be allowed freedom to roam
  • Consider ways to make the Children’s Wood more ‘magical’ (e.g. a fairy door)
  • Running water and electricity are essential, should be possible at either Clouston or Kelbourne St given the history of the area
  • Fire pits, storytelling space, sensory garden and natural
    toilet please
  • Consider including older children / young adults in the planning and ensure they do not feel victimised by the plans
  • A deployable tarpaulin for the storytelling space would help to respond to the weather
  • Would love to see resources for those so skilled in the community to build its own treehouse village
  • Natural stone or log seating for the storytelling space would help to reinforce a natural use of the land
  • Consider natural ways to allow access for the less abled
  • Correct the dates in the application: Children’s Wood was formed in 2011/12, North Kelvin Meadow Campaign dates from 2008
  • Replace (with much smaller) or remove the tennis court fence, and improve the fencing and tree line surrounding the space
  • Work to include the local community into the building of any structures or features
  • Ensure that natural growth, such as orchids, are preserved
  • Should there be compostable toilets, ensure that a plan for maintenance and emptying is agreed upfront
  • Work to minimise the perception of boundaries (except the edge) to encourage community to come together

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