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  • Open Play Tuesdays 9:00 am 16th July 2024
  • Open Play Tuesdays 9:00 am 23rd July 2024

Where Does Group Meet?

We usually meet in the Children’s Wood, by Kelbourne Street.  If you get in touch with us we can arrange a time and day to suit.

About The Schools & Nurseries Group

This group is for schools and nurseries who want to deliver outdoor learning with their pupils on the Children’s Wood and Meadow, or in their local area. Here you can find out more about outdoor learning in general and  how to access the land or our sessions. In our News section below,  you will find resources with ideas, hints and tips for schools and nurseries to take children outside.  See also our Educational Resources section.

The Purpose Of This Group

Children’s aren’t getting outside enough and they’re suffering.  Obesity is the highest it’s ever been in Scotland and levels of physical activity are at an all time low.  Children as young as 8 years old are stressed out and seeking help. IN the classroom there is a growing divide in attainment  between with those who have the least and those who are lucky enough to have more.  This can impact on classroom disruptive behaviours and  upon learning and development.   We believe that time outdoors in a wild natural space, even if it’s just to play, can have a radical impact on attention and learning and can help to reduce the attainment gap and help everyone to learn better.  This is why we are motivated to bring classes and schools outside for learning and fun.

The Children’s Wood volunteers and staff actively support the use of The Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow by schools and community groups in the area. There are many different educational establishments who can walk to the land for outdoor learning. We work with local schools in delivering outdoor learning sessions for different age groups, throughout the academic year.  Activities include creative writing, storytelling, forest school sessions, loose parts play, outdoor play and planting as well as many other activities.

The Children’s Wood work supports the Scottish Government’s drive for outdoor learning and helps our community to bring up happy, resilient and healthy children. We passionately believe that most areas of the curriculum can be delivered outside and our volunteers aim to facilitate school confidence and ability to take the curriculum outdoors. We hope that our activities will encourage schools to independently use the land for learning and development.  Encouraging more time outdoors is a vital element for children’s personal development and growth.

Our Education Committee create resources for schools, volunteers, parents and the community to use for outdoor learning. You can access their Julia Donaldson outdoor education pack by emailing The resources meet the Experiences and Outcomes required by the council and Government.

Get involved?

We are always keen to involve people and support outdoor learning. Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

  • If you want to volunteer with running sessions for schools
  • If you are a local school and want to join one of our sessions
  • If you are a teacher or educator and want to join our education group creating outdoor education resources
  • If you are from a school further away but want to come to the Children’s Wood
  • If you want to promote outdoor learning in your school or community
  • If you would like to donate any outdoor educational equipment
  • Or, if you have any other ideas please get in touch.

Who Do We Contact?

If you would like a little more information you can contact us! see the details below.

Andrea Fisher

Andrea Fisher

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