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About Sensory Garden

The sensory garden came about from talking to local people with additional needs. The idea of having the garden near the entrance at Kelbourne street appealed to those who might have challenges accessing the land or staying for long periods.   We have three raised bed allotments dedicated to the senses.  The first bed has herbs and strawberries therefore appealing to the sense of TASTE.  In the middle bed we have planted grasses, plants and flowers around the following senses: SMELL, TOUCH, SOUND and SIGHT.  In the small bed we have a selection of different meadow flowers, herbs and plants.

Where Do We Meet?

Come and enjoy the sensory garden, you can help with the development of the garden through our gardening sessions on Tuesday 10-4 and Wednesday 10-4 and at our Volunteer Action Weekends.  Keep an eye on this page for other opportunities or get in touch.

Who Do We Contact?

Feel free to just turn up on the day, or if you would like a little more information you can contact us!

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