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Dog Walking on the Meadow

You are welcome to walk your dog on the meadow, but not in the Children’s Wood part of the land (Sanda Street side)!

There is a strong dog walking community on our land who use and look after the meadow and wood. The dog walking community play a vital role in picking up litter, dog mess and reporting any unusual behaviour.  They play an important part of life on the land.

Dog walking rules

Though most people are considerate when using the land, we do have the occasional person who does not pick up after their dog. If you are using the land to walk your dog please pick up and remove any dog mess from the land.  Lots of people use the site and dog mess can not only be dirty but can also be dangerous for children and babies.

Get Involved

The land is there for everyone and so all local people are welcome to bring their dogs to the land for play and fun.  Most dog walkers use the main meadow for dog walking.

Who Do We Contact?

Feel free to just turn up anytime, or if you would like a little more information you can contact us!

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