On Your Own

About Coming to The Land On Your Own

The Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow are open all year round – you can come to the land any time!

Please leave the land as you  found it.  Take away any litter or bottles. If you are having a fire in the designated fire area then please can you bring your own kindling and wood. Our woodland is too small to provide wood for everyone.

There are lots of ways you can use and take care of the land.

Plant flowers – please keep flowers to the edges of the land and around the base of trees. Please try to plant native species e.g. not Spanish bluebells for example.

Have a picnic, relax, exercise, study, walk your dog, play and have fun.

If you want to grow your own vegetables you can rent out a raised bed allotment from Douglas on northkelvnmeadow@gmail.com

Get Involved

This is Our Land, Your Land, Everyone’s Land, please use it and care for it. Leave the land as you found it, or better. Thanks!

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