Winter event and lighting up floodlights

Sunday 6th December, 12-5pm the Children’s Wood are hosting a Winter event on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood, and in Kelbourne Street scout hall.

We plan to light up three of the five old disused floodlights on the land with fairy lights to mark the start of Christmas celebrations in the area.  This is being made possible by the  help from local builders A. Menzies & Sons on Queen Margaret Drive. Actor, and local Dad, Tam Dean Burn will switch on the lights at 4:30pm.

As many of you will know, the North Kelvin Meadow and Children’s Wood used to be playing fields and tennis courts until 20 years ago, and the old floodlights are just one of the lasting legacies on the land from that time.

Local builder Andrew Menzies from A.Menzies & Sons says:

We at A Menzies & Sons are glad to have been involved in making
the local kids’ Christmas a little more exciting by helping install
lighting to the play area. We grew up in this area and have many pleasant memories of spending time playing in Clouston Street pitches.

See this wonderful video of Peter McKee of Parkour Scotland who scales one of the old floodlights:

At the event, on the meadow itself there will be outdoor cooking, play in the dark games and other activities, hot drinks and choir music and inside the scout hall there will be stalls and food.

There will be a variety of stalls with many different items from cards and purses to jewellery and clothing.

Stall holder Siobhan Healy of Natty Glass says:

My glass and silver jewellery are formed using fire to create unique wearable artworks. The illuminated children’s wood is an exciting concept and as a local artist I’m delighted to be part of this event

Nearly all of the stall holders are local artists and crafters. Stall holder Carol Webster says about the meadow and wood:

My children jump with joy when I say we’re going to the Children’s Wood! It’s so much more exciting for them to go on a rope swing tied between two trees than the metal swings at the park. They spend hours in the willow den cooking up leaf stews and pine cone potions in the old cauldron. For them, the opportunity to play imaginatively outdoors is irresistible. We often come to the events, which are a great way to bring people together from different local communities. Storytelling in the woods is a magical experience, and afterwards the children drift back to the meadow via the raised beds, where they stop to marvel at the wonder of carrots and herbs growing in the soil. It’s a fantastic wild place, unlike anywhere else.

Some of the raffle prizes include: Revival Retreat voucher, Rainbow Room Voucher, Yoga Bellies Voucher, Nancy Smilie gift and other luxury prizes.

See our Facebook page for more information:’s Wood



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