Volunteer Action Weekend

Volunteer Action Weekend

2nd February 2018 3rd February 2018

Come down and get your hands dirty in yet another fun community ‘weekend’. We have soil to shift, mulch to distribute, a raised bed to fill and lots of friendly chat. 12 noon until 5pm on Friday and Saturday.

John Hancox “the Apple Man”, supplier of fine Scottish Heritage fruit trees ( www.ScottishFruitTrees.com ) and also maker of Glasgow’s original cider ( www.clydecider.com ), will be joining us on Saturday with a fine selection of fruit trees and bushes, washed down with a taste or two of cider. Together we will be establishing a little ‘fruit forest’ near the fire area, to enhance the woodland glade feel of this area and provide nearby ingredients for future apple baking, jam making and other community cooking activities.

We will also be planting up a bed of fruit bushes near the entrance to the children’s wood, creating a tasty entrance to the developing sensory garden and lots of lovely berries for the kids.
Tea, coffee, biscuits and shelter will be available.
We will be celebrating the ‘weekend’ with a fire on Friday night if it’s dry.

We may cancel this event if there is a forecast for heavy rain or frost, as we can’t plant trees in this kind of weather and because it’s better for the land to avoid heavy footfall in soggy conditions. Please check the Facebook Group

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