Improving the lives of Scottish Children Through Derelict and Vacant Land

Improving the lives of Scottish Children Through Derelict and Vacant Land

3rd June 2018

Improving the lives of Scottish Children through derelict and vacant land

It's the 30th anniversary of the Scottish Government Derelict and Vacant Land Survey. We would like to celebrate this by helping other people to utilise land for children to play and the community to use.

There will be a series of talks looking at how to enable other people to get going and use their local wild patches for play and learning. This event is part of the RSPB wildfest and the West-end Festival.

Talks from 3pm - 5pm aimed at people looking to start getting children outside, or enhance what they are already doing.

This event will be held in the Children's Wood Tipi. Other practical activities for children and families will be happening on the land from 12pm - 5pm e.g. outdoor cooking, loose parts play, gardening, music and art workshops.

Talks 3pm - 5pm
- Emily Cutts, The Children's Wood. Sharing information about how we succeeded in securing our land for children to play and how to enable volunteers and community action. Hints and Tips.

- Sue Palmer, Upstart. Why and How wild natural spaces can support the idea of a play based primary 1 and 2.

- Alan Sinclair, Right from the Start. The need for Investing in parents and babies.

- Graham Burns, The Conservation Volunteers. How TCV can enable communities to get outside more through corporate days, citizen science and supporting community groups.

-Kathy Friend,The Beedookit Project. How the beedookit is a great way to have honey bees on community land.

- Nick Fuller, Glasgow Labyrinth Project. Bringing the labyrinth experience to local wild spaces.

- The Children's Wood identifying derelict and vacant land across Glasgow and Edinburgh. Group think and discussion around maps of land.

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