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We’d like to introduce you to our lovey new creative and dynamic website, launched today on the 18th of March.  We’d like to say a Massive THANK YOU to Ivanna and Naomi from From This Day website design for making this wonderfully interactive, attractive and easy to use website. They put in many extra hours and worked tirelessly and collaboratively with us to make something that is wonderfully easy to work with..and that looks great too.  We’d also like to thanks Dawn Durrant for allowing us to use some of the graphics she designed for the Children’s Wood.

We’ve been intending to make our website more creative and user friendly, but up until now we haven’t had the capacity. Now that there is more certainty around the land, and our future, we have decide to take the plunge and we’re glad we did.  We hope this will now make information easier to access for everyone in the community and beyond. We recognise that much of our activity has been on Facebook, or directly on the land, and we want to reach out to everyone in the community to let you know what’s on and how you can get involved.

Take a wander round the site. We think the timeline is lovely and the Groups pages should be useful.  There is also our Educational Resources and Research Centre More information will be posted as we get used to using our new website.  Let us know what you think!


Thanks again to Ivanna and Naomi from From This Day



  1. Laura says:

    LOVE the new website. Well done to everyone involved 🙂

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