URGENT!!! DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL 7th DECEMBER FOR REZONING OF NORTH KELVIN MEADOW FROM RESIDENTIAL TO GREEN SPACE. Please could you send a short email to say that you support the rezoning of North Kelvin Meadow to be Green space for the City Plan 3

The email address is developmentplan@glasgow.gov.uk. You will need to quote the following council reference “Prop0066”

Sorry for the short notice.


Below is a template email

Email Subject : Prop0066


I wish to state I’m in favour of proposal Prop0066 to rezone the below site as a Greenspace from its current Residential status.

My grounds are that it is being used by the local community as a green recreational space, an outdoor play area for children, raised bed allotments and a woodland, wildlife and meadow space. With over 480 trees on the land it is clearly part of the green network of our city and adds to its biodiversity. The whole site as from August 2011 is within Glasgow West Conservation Area.

Proposals Site Assessment

Ref: Prop0066

Address: Clouston St

Proposer: North Kelvin Meadow

Proposal: Greenspace

Exist DPP: DEV2 Residential

Thanks and regards,



  1. aubren hayat says:

    Thanks for the email just send them the email and thanks for the template was very useful and made it easy for me to send the email without any delay .

    Many thanks Aubren Hayat

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Many thanks. We value your input. Let’s hope that the council do listen to all the support.

    2. Many thanks for your support Aubren. Let’s hope it works.

  2. Are you in contact with Play Scotland?

    1. Hi Cath, they are on our list of people to get in contact with. Thanks for the reminder!

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