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Phase 1 of objecting to the planning application via the Glasgow City Council Planning process has ended on 5th Jan 2013. If you’d like to see the letters then follow the link to Glasgow City Council Planning website here: https://publicaccess.glasgow.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=M3USXQEX0FS00


If needed type in the planning application number 12/00924/DC in the search field. Click Documents and then click View Associated Documents.


Phase 2 now starts where we need to lobby. See our website and tab “Support Us” for more details. We’ll soon be issuing a pack / more information to help people lobby and will update our website soon with that. In brief these are the 4 groups we need to lobby:

A. The Planning Committee. Your objection letters will now be summarized by the planning officer and presented to the 18 Planning Committee Council members at a meeting date that still to be decided. Our guess is it will be beginning March 2013. However these people won’t have been to the land, know what people use it for, seen our events, or know much about what’s been happening or the process (lack of)  the Council followed. It’s now about “quality over quantity” but we need to state our case directly to them rather than solely relying on a summarized version of our objections given to them by the Council’s Planning Officer. Photos help which you can get from our flicker group and pictures and videos on our and The Children Wood website (see the “Picture” tab). See the “Support Us” tab for more details on who they are and times their surgeries are on.

B. The Councilors on the Council Executive who made the decision to put the land up for sale. See the “Support Us” tab.

C. Anyone else that can sway the decision. And that means Media, other bodies, other Councilors, MPs, people that the Council will listen to etc.

D. MSPs. We would expect this decision be “Called In “ to the Minister at the Scottish Government if it doesn’t go our way. But that won’t be done if people don’t ask and give reasons on why that should happen. This is really Phase 3 as they can’t Call In till the Council make the decision – and indeed we hope and expect the decision the Council Planning Committee make will go our way. But we do need to start lobbying this now so as MSPs are aware of the issue. There are 2 main reasons for Calling In, again see  “Support Us” for details.


What’s happening?

Saturday 26th Jan 2.30pm The Little House of La performs a unique music experience for families. Cost is £5 payable on the door. Featuring three of the original members from the Indie-pop group Aberfeldy. There will be fiddle, banjo, ukulele, harmonies, inventive percussion, actions, puppets and general silliness. For more details see http://www.thechildrenswood.comwebsite.

The George Square vigil. We’ve gathered hundreds of signatures for our petition as well as talked to council members and the public about the campaign. Every day for over a month now a different campaign person represents us all by being in George Square (we were even there on Christmas day and New Year’s day) between 12 and 1pm. We’ll be keeping this up until Thursday 31st of January – then we move into phase 2 where we’ll be visiting councillors surgeries.

Forthcoming Demo. We’ve so far had one on George Square in January and our intention is to have another, probably in Feb. So watch this space for more details. We’ve also had a petition signing event on Byers Road on 19th Jan. Would you like to take part in the next one it’s on the 2nd of February?  if so, email us on childrenswood@hotmail.com

Composting: What a difference a year makes! Well done to all who have really put in some effort keeping our 5 bins going. Loads of worms which is a great sign of things going well. Can we concentrate our efforts now on Number 1 please. Used Coffee would be good. Needs a good fork over if anyone wants to volunteer?

Raised Beds: we do have a few spare raised beds given out on a small notional annual rental. If your keen to take over one then get in touch and we’ll send you details.

Pre School Play Group: We are a registered Scottish Pre- School Play Association (SPPA) playgroup and meet up every Wednesday in The Children’s Wood on North Kelvin Meadow. The playgroup runs from 10am until 12pm.  The cost is £1 per family and this covers snack, SPPA membership and a fund for toys and equipment. Please bring a drink for your child as this will not be provided.


There is also a Forest School Club for Schools using the land. For details of both please email: childrenswood@hotmail.com

Please continue to keep the land looking at its best by picking up any litter, sweeping the entrances and generally looking after the place. 

Donations: Its does require money to run a campaign and provide events etc so any contribution you can give is much appreciated.

Bank Account Name: North Kelvin Meadow Campaign
Bank Account: 00174585
Sort Code: 82-64-26
Charity Number SC041346
Cheques can be sent to 1/1   84 Sanda Street, G20 8PS and made payable to North Kelvin Meadow Campaign.


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