Scottish Reporters recommend deleting housing proposal H023 in City Plan 3

Brilliant news! the appointed Scottish Reporters have deleted the housing proposal for the meadow and wood in City Plan 3.

There are two issues currently related to North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood:

1. The way the land is zoned in the plan for the City, in City Plan 3: housing or open space. This has been with Scottish Government reporters since last year and he and his team have decided, after thorough investigation, that the housing proposal for the site should be deleted in the forthcoming plan.

2. The specific housing application submitted by New City Vision for housing which was ‘called in’ by the Scottish Government. A reporter has been appointed and he has indicated that there will be a public inquiry or hearing soon.

Given the deletion of the housing proposal for the site in City Plan 3, we cannot see how the specific housing proposal submitted by New City Vision can be given the green light. Here is what the reporters said about North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood in their report for City Plan 3:

The land at Clouston Street is a highly valued open space which is well used and maintained by the local community, and which should continue to be safeguarded for that purpose. Its development for housing would be in conflict with planning policies which seek to protect such areas. I have therefore decided to modify the Proposed Plan by deleting Housing Proposal H023

This result is a huge step forward and a wonderful recognition that this land is valued, maintained and has a future that should be preserved.

If you wish to read the report you can find it through the link below, the report can be found on page 290 to page 304.

“On entering the website, click on the tab “Examination Report” in the middle of the page and then under the “Document Name” tab, click on the blue highlighted “Report” document. The report will then download and you then click “open” to read the report.”

Well done and thank you to all the organisations and individuals who have loved and fought for our land over more than 20 years.


The Children’s Wood AGM

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Come and celebrate with us this Friday and find out more about our plans and how you can get involved.


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