Scottish Government ‘Call in’ and ‘Reject’ the plan to build on NKM & CW

As you may know on Tuesday 26th of January 2016 Glasgow City Council planning committee came to visit North Kelvin Meadow and the Children’s Wood before going back to the City Chambers to decide on two different planning applications for the land:

The New City Vision plan to build 90 houses and the Children’s Wood plan to keep the land wild and for the community.

Watch a video of the site visit

It was decided by the committee that the NCV plan would go first. Only and ALL labour councillors voted for the approval of this application. The Children’s Wood plan also got accepted, but with a 100% support from the committee.

Currently, the Children’s Wood is the only group with planning permission because the New City Vision plan has to go to the Scottish Government before they are granted planning permission.  See the letter (below) sent to the council back in 2013

Many people have been asking ‘How can two applications be granted for the same piece of land?” The answer to this is that there are two separate departments: the planning authority and the council (landowner) So, someone could put an application in for Holyrood palace and get it approved.  However, without the landowners permission they would not be allowed to proceed.  This is what’s happening here.  Two groups have planning permission but only one has landowners permission.  The Children’s Wood have planning permission but not landowners permission, and this is what we hope to change.

We believe  that the application should be ‘called in’ and ‘rejected’ by the Scottish Government.  We are optimistic because an almost identical application submitted by Miller Homes in 1996 was rejected by the then Scottish Office and we now have an even stronger case.

We are calling on everyone to sign and share our petition asking the Scottish Government to ‘call in’ and ‘reject’ the developers application to build 90 houses on our Land:


Letter to Glasgow City Council from the Scottish Government ScotGovtDirectionToNotify

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