Schools and Community Engagement Officer

The Children’s Wood charity have secured £12,000 towards a paid salary for a Schools and Community Engagement Officer on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood, and now we need to raise £4,000 more to make this job role a reality. Please help us to make this happen.


What will your donation pay for? It will pay for free weekly outdoor learning sessions for local schools.  Your money will also pay for various activities to happen on the land such as free regular community events, regular play sessions for under 5’s and week-end play sessions for older children. Your donation will also ensure that the land is maintained and a planting plan is established so that local people can be involved in the future of the site. All of this will help to strengthen and build the existing community around North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood and support the natural development of the site for future generations to use it.

Are you thinking about taking part in a sponsored run, walk, trek or activity? why not chose us as your charity? you can set up a fundraising page through the Total Giving website


Thanks for your support.

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