Pop up Cinema: Project Wild Thing

Pop up Cinema: Project Wild Thing

The Children’s Wood will be the outdoor venue for the screening of filmmaker David Bond’s film Project Wild Thing and the venue for Glasgow. Sue Palmer author of best selling book Toxic Childhood , will be at the screening and give a brief talk. Sue was involved with the making of Project WIld Thing and has been a ‘childhood campaigner’ for the last ten years.

Please wear warm clothing and bring something to sit on. There will be seating, but people can also pitch their own spot.

Tickets from childrenswood@hotmail.com

PROJECT WILD THING is an ambitious, feature-length documentary that takes a funny and revealing look at a complex issue, the increasingly fragile
connection between children and nature.
David Bond is concerned. His kids’ waking hours are dominated by a cacophony of marketing, and a screen dependence threatening to turn them into glassy-eyed zombies. Like city kids everywhere, they spend way too much time indoors – not like it was back in his day. He decides it’s time to get back to nature – literally. In an attempt to compete with the brands, which take up a third of his daughter’s life, Bond appoints himself Marketing Director

for Nature. Like any self-respecting salesman, he sets about developing a campaign and a logo. With the help of a number of bemused professionals, he is soon selling Nature to British families. His humorous journey unearths some painful truths about modern family life. His product is free, plentiful and has proven benefits – but is Nature past its sell-by date?

Film contributors include: naturalist CHRIS PACKHAM, Professor AGNES NAIRN, writer and environmentalist GEORGE MONBIOT, scientist JAAK PANKSEPP, writer JAY GRIFFITHS, Professor MICHAEL DEPLEDGE, advertising guru MICHAEL WOLFF, and brain scientist Prof. Baroness SUSAN GREENFIELD.

The release of the film will coincide with the launch of an ambitious, film-led campaign, PROJECT WILD THING: RECONNECTING KIDS AND NATURE. Bringing together organisations, companies and individuals, the campaign hopes to get all kids outdoors, enjoying the benefits of nature.

The campaign is supported by THE WILD NETWORK, a brand new collaborative movement of charities, corporations and individuals, all committed to reconnecting children in the UK with nature, founded by the National Trust, RSPB, NHS Sustainable Development Unit, Play England, Play Wales, Play Scotland, PlayBoard Northern Ireland, AMV BBDO, Green Lions and the BRITDOC Foundation and joined by scores of organisations and thousands of individuals who want to see kids enjoying the outdoors.

PROJECT WILD THING is an 82 mins Feature documentary. Cert PG TBC.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/projectwildthing Twitter: @wearewildthing / #ProjectWildThing

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