Plastic Free Picnic

Dear Friends of North Kelvin Meadow,
I’m writing from The Clipperton Project and we are an arts-science organisation, which is being hosted by Glasgow Sculpture Studios (The Whisky Bond, Glasgow) this summer to run an exciting programme of family events alongside our exhibition in their gallery space. These events will explore global issues of environmental and social importance, that are linked to local issues and individual with an emphasis on exploration and discovery, themes that remain at the heart of all TCP’s work.
One things we are passionate about is reducing communities’ plastic use, especially to reduce what enters into the marine environment.  Globally we use and throw away literally billions of plastic objects every year. In 2006 alone, we used 2.7 million tonnes of plastic to bottle water worldwide. In the UK, 3 million tonnes of plastic are discarded every year, yet this accounts for just 1% of the total amount of all plastic manufactured globally.
To raise awareness of this and the alternative we are holding a family plastic free picnic on Saturday the 1st at North Kelvin Meadow between 12 and 2pm.  There will be family workshops from Glasgow Sculpture Studio artists preparing alternative picnic materials.  Please bring a food contribution along (no plastics please) and there will be a prize for the most innovative idea to avoid plastic use.
Looking forward to seeing some of you at the meadow
Kathy Dunlop (The Clipperton Project Science Coordinator).

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