Community Events


  • AGM and skills share: 3:30 pm, 23rd February 2018


  • AGM and skills share 3:30 pm 23rd February 2018
  • Volunteer Action Week-end 12:00 pm 3rd March 2018

About Community Events

The Children’s Wood organise community events most months. Our events include West End Festival, storytelling, halloween parades, Christmas fair, outdoor and nature festivals, conferences and ideas events. They are a great opportunity for people all around the area to meet up and make friends and speak to people they’ve never spoken to before.  All ages are welcome and events are free of charge.

Get Involved

There are various ways to get involved:

  • planning and organising events
  • leading  a session at one of our events
  • help on the day.
  • deliver leaflets
  • film/photograph
  • speak to people about upcoming events.

Or, let us know if you have any other ideas.

Where Do We Meet?

We’ll be meeting up to organise events on the Children’s Wood and Meadow. Please email us to find where .  Events happen at various locations across the land

Who Do We Contact?

Feel free to just turn up on the day, or if you would like a little more information you can contact us!

Community Events News