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About The Outdoor Learning Club

The Saturday morning Outdoor Learning Club at the Children’s Wood provides opportunity for children and families to play and learn outdoors. The sessions are organised and facilitated by 9 volunteers from the local community of Maryhill/North Kelvin and all volunteers have some level of Forest School training. The sessions are free flowing and child led.  At the club your child can: Build dens
Make environmental art, Plant trees and flowers, Use ropes, Use tools, Have unstructured free play, Build fires, Take part in other outdoor activities

Purpose of Outdoor Learning Club

Glasgow has many parks and green spaces and also great policies to improve children’s access to the outdoors. However, despite these efforts, parks and greenspaces are underused by children – especially during the colder months. The Outdoor Learning Club focuses on helping families to access nature all year round and to counteract the pervasive indoor culture in which children are growing up.

Volunteering with the Children’s Wood enables me to have access to a wild space on my doorstep. We must have exposure to nature to ensure that we have a relationship with our planet, and to care what happens to it. My kids and I love to head down to the meadow to explore, to play, to learn and to hang out. It provides us with lots of carefree outdoor fun, and also an important sense of community.

Get Involved

All ages of children are welcome, all you need to do is turn up. There are more challenging activities for the older children and the club encourages collaboration between ages – older children helping younger ones. Families are responsible for their own children at all times while at the Outdoor Learning Club. It is a great opportunity for families to play and explore together and meet other like minded people from the area.

Where Does Outdoor Learning Club Meet?

OLC meets every Saturday, 10-12pm, in the Children’s Wood.

Who Do We Contact?

Feel free to just turn up on the day, or if you would like a little more information you can contact us!

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