G20 Youth Festival

What’s On


  • Outdoor Playgroup: 11:00 am, 21st June 2024


  • Open Play Tuesdays 9:00 am 25th June 2024
  • Outdoor Playgroup 11:00 am 26th June 2024


The G20 Youth Festival is a grassroots community based youth project working with the hardest to reach and most vulnerable young people in our community. We work with young people who are often overlooked but who have hidden talents that we want to bring out and celebrate, and also challenges and barriers that we aim to break down. The project revolves around the outdoors but is not exclusively outdoors because it is young person led.   We working from the principles “what do you need?” “what do you hope for” “ what do you enjoy?” and that builds on this motivation or starting point.

This has led us to create the start of something quite special thanks to funding from Glasgow City Council’s Hunger Fund, a team of amazing youth workers and a supportive community.

The Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow  is situated in one of the most unequal areas in the UK.   IN 2015-2016 we  joined a European INtransit project through the Goethe Institute with our Market of Ideas event being the first in the programme. At our Market of Ideas inequality event we heard from projects from Denmark, Ireland and Finland.   We also heard from a youth project in Sweden Mitt 127. This youth led, postcode based, festival had amazing results in engaging young people, tackling crime, getting young people into work and integrating minority groups in an economically deprived area of Sweden.   This project has inspired our very own youth based programme: the G20 Youth Festival.

Purpose of the G20 Youth Festival

Our aim is to break down barriers and challenges faced by young people, to support young people in getting to know themselves and what they are good at. Reduce the toxic effects of inequality and the discrimination experienced as a young person. Building positive pathways for young people to live a meaningful and purposeful life


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Where Do We Meet?

We meet three nights a week and work with local schools during the day.  Contact us to find out more

Who Do We Contact?

Contact Jacque, Stacey or Daniel on g20youthfestival@gmail.com call us on 07762029663

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