Observer Ethical Awards nomination

We are delighted to learn today that Emily Cutts of the Children’s Wood and Douglas Peacock of the North Kelvin Meadow Campaign have been jointly short-listed in the Observer newspaper’s Ethical Awards “unsung local hero” category.  This is a shortlist of around 5 out of 300 entries nationwide.  It is a very welcome recognition of all the hard work they have put in.  They have of course immediately said that it is a team effort by the whole community, and so it is, but Emily and Douglas have by far the strongest vision and perseverance of us all.

The nation’s “unsung local hero” will be chosen from the shortlist by popular vote from now to 24th May.  To vote for Emily and Douglas, click the big button below, and to see the shortlist follow this link.


If you are new to this site, please take a look around, to see details of all the activities past and future in the Children’s Wood, to see videos about the land and a few of our events, and to see the celebrities, organisations and individuals who are supporting us.  Visit our Facebook page also for the latest details and gossip.

The land is subject to a live planning application, which will come before the Planning Committee in the next few weeks.  Glasgow City Council want to sell it to a private property developer for luxury flats.  If you think this green oasis should be saved, the simplest and fastest action is to sign our petition – see the panel on the right.  Share this petition with your friends.  Sending a letter of objection direct to the Planning Committee will add a lot more weight – follow the Planning Application – How to Oppose link at the top of the page.  Thank you for any support you can give us.  This land is too precious to be built on.


  1. That is fantastic news! But I clicked the link just now to vote for Emily and Douglas and got to a Guardian page but it said the link didn’t work. Thought you should know.

    1. Thanks for the support Anne. We have informed the Guardian and they should fix the link soon.

  2. That is fantastic news! But I clicked through to the Guardian page to vote for Emily and Douglas to be told it doesn’t work. Thought you should know!

  3. Reblogged this on Writing from the twelfth house and commented:
    This is the latest development in The Children’s Wood/North Kelvin meadow campaign, indicating how much momentum it has gained in the last year! Do go on the site and cast your vote for our hard working and inspiring local community activists Emily and Douglas. What we are all fighting for is not just a local but a worldwide issue – working to connect children and their parents with each other in the context of the Great Outdoors!

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