Memories of North Kelvin Meadow

Do you have any memories of North Kelvin Meadow that you would like to share that might be included in artwork that will go on public display? We have a request from North Kelvin College students for any memories you are able to share:

My name is Julie Linton a 3rd year Visual Arts student studying at Glasgow Kelvin College in Hotspur Street just off Queen Margaret Drive. My year group will be participating in the Glasgow Open House Art Festival 2015  ( from Sat 2nd May to Mon 4thMay. As part of my own investigations and research for this project I am looking at aspects of memories and stories associated with North Kelvin Meadows.  So if you have a tale to tell or memory about ‘the meadow’ and would like to share it with me for potential inclusion in the artwork please contact me.

Perhaps you attended the local school where you played football in the grounds of the meadow.  Or you learned to play tennis.  Whatever you’re thought and memories are of North Kelvin Meadows I would be delighted to hear from you! Remember there are no age restrictions to this request!  So even the kids can join in with any memories they have of the meadow such as looking for fairies or frogs!

I only need a few lines about your memories so please keep it short – postcard size would be great! Could you also include your name, age and date of your memory if you can remember when it happened!

I will be collecting information until Wed 15th April. I will leave a box titled ‘Meadow Memories’ at the Main door entrance at Glasgow Kelvin Campus, 75 Hotspur Street during college hours 8.30 – 4.50pm Mon – Fri where you can drop off your stories for me to collect. Or e-mail me at [firstname][surname]

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