Julia Donaldson supports The Children’s Wood

 ” Wild spaces are invaluable to children, especially those growing up in towns. They stimulate the imagination and nurture the spirit. Places like the Children’s Wood within North Kelvin Meadow are hard to come by in urban settings and so should be preserved at all costs.” 

Quote from The Gruffalo author and Children’s Laureate Julia Donaldson


  1. regina myers says:

    I so wish my children her in US had a place as beautiful as The Childrens Woods…

    What a gift!

    1. Thanks for the lovely feedback, Regina. It’s nice to know that we’ve made an impact so far away.

      1. regina myers says:

        You have made huge impact on me! I am changing my major from photgraphy to early elementary in the hopes that I will be able bring a Little Woods program to children in my area! We have children with 15 minutes of where I live that may nevet see the woods. I home school with my own montessorish/regio unschooling style 🙂

        1. That’s heartwarming to know that you are making such a change based on what we’ve been doing. Thanks for the feedback and please keep us posted on your progress. It sounds like you are in a perfect position to make change.

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