Did you receive a letter/email?

You may have received a letter or email today from The Scottish Government about the high end housing development that was ‘called-in’ for further scrutiny. If you are happy for us to represent your objection letter at the inquiry or hearing then you do not need to respond to the letter from the Government.

As you may know the Children’s Wood has full planning permission from Glasgow City Council to develop the land as a community garden and greenspace. We now have two funded employees working on the land to build community and grow the land: Andrea Fisher and Jayson Byles.  They have been working with schools and the community: running sessions, building meadow patches, raised beds, compost bins and planting.  We plan to do more for the community and we have funding to upgrade the existing shed. This puts us in a strong position for acquiring the land for the community and stopping any future housing development. We’ve asked both the City, and now the Government, to either lease or sell the land to us through the Community Empowerment Act when the housing application is rejected.

We will be drawing in the relevant people/groups from the community and beyond when the reporter decides on whether he will use a hearing or an inquiry as his method of investigation. So when it comes to the investigation there will many difference voices speaking against the development plan and for the alternative plan of community empowerment.


  1. Cozie says:

    No letter or email received by me. I live in Wilton Street. Best of luck!

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