Creative Writing Competition

Christmas 2013 Creative writing Competition winners

Under 7’s category Fasih Khan Dunard Primary school

It was a snowy Christmas Eve in the Children’s Wood when I heard…. a snap from a branch. I saw who had done it, was a fabulous reindeer. His name was Little Nose and he was really friendly. I took Little Nose to a training camp hidden in the Children’s Wood so he could learn to fly, land and also work as a team. Emily said after lots of training that he was ready to go back to where he had come from. Right back to Santa. The End

7-10 year old category Martha Armstrong Kelvinside Academy

Saving Santa

It was a snowy Christmas Eve at the children’s wood when I heard the bell on Santa’s sleigh jingling in the distance, the snow lay motionless on the meadow and the evening sunwas as pink as the sweetest peach you ever saw.

I skipped on, just as I reached the gate I heard a faint snuffling sound coming from a hedge right beside me. I carefully peeped in through the hedge. That was when I meet Prancer. Prancer is a reindeer and she was quietly crying into her hooves, I slowly sat down beside her. There was a lovely warm waft of air down here and I was suddenly aware of where I was: still in the children’s woods behind a hedge. Uh No!

Maybe mum would be ok if I was just a minute late?
But she wouldn’t believe me! Uh Man!

Prancer looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said quietly “I’m lost please help me get back to Santa?”
“Ok” I said “I’ll do it on one condition,” “What?!” shouted Prancer “Be quiet first!” “Ok,ok” “That you’ll help me get home in time” “Maybe I’ll try” replied Prancer “just let’s get to Santa already!” “Well are you ready?” Yea, sure!” As fast as I could say Fly we were up high in the sky with the stars above us like twinkling angles in the sky.

I needed to be home by three and it was nearly half past two I was in for it, just then we saw something shoot past us like a rocket! We were after it before a millisecond could pass, when we saw that it was Santa we went even faster if that’s possible when it stopped we couldn’t and went straight for a tree, we just missed it and hit another one “ouch!” we said almost in tune, we turned round to a Jolly fat guy in a red suit laughing at us! “SANTA!” we yelled in tune “Ho, Ho, Ho! Replied Santa foolishly. “I sense that you should be home in two minutes!” BOOM!!! I was sitting on my bed just in time for mum to open the door and pat me on the head! THE END

Hallowe’en 2013 creative writing winners

Under 7’s Joint winners Jamie Cuthbertson and Dathan McVicar.

It was a cold Halloween night at the children’s wood when I saw……… A ghost as big as my nursery, I wasn’t scared of him because he played with me, he was a funny ghost he said “goo goo” and that means hello.  Then I went to the mud kitchen and I made slimy noodles because ghosts like them.  Next we went to the treehouse to play dragons and I won and the ghost was the scariest to all people but not to me because I am more scary!!!!  The End

by Dathan McVicar age 4
c/o Clarence House Nursery

It was a cold Halloween night at the Children’s Wood when i saw a real ghost, and I caught it, and it was my friend. And we went down a mushroom, and it got stuck in a waterfall. Also it went through a hole and landed beside me, and I carried it home. And then we were safe and then I went back to the Children’s Woods, and I left the ghost right behind the twigs where it belonged.
It was a cold Halloween night at the Children’s Wood when i saw a tree that had fallen over. And I saw a little bone, and it was from a little skeleton, and I gave it to him and he put it on. And also I went for a walk with him, and then the ghost that I met the last day. I took them both for a walk, the ghost flew ahead of me. We were all doing a race. I won. Into the trees, and vanished, and I saw that there was a door, and that it was open and we all went in. And guess where we ended up? Back in the same place. But I couldn’t take them home. But some day I’ll take them home, so I left them in the same place, where the ghost belonged and the skeleton belonged. And I took its bone off and I put it behind the tree, and put the tree back up, and then I went home.
Then I found a pumpkin! a goblin, a bat, a cat, a skeleton. And also I found a little mouse! And a house, and a pumpkin. And I all took them home with the ghost, and the host, and the toast….and the most. Who loves the most, and the toast.
And then they all played games and they made a tower. And the tower danced about. It’s because I only had switched it, but first I showed them how it was switched, and I switched it and then it went on. And then they copied it. I switched them too. Because I had a switch that wasn’t attached onto anything. And I never used it. That’s the end of the story.
It was a cold Halloween night at the Children’s Wood when i saw a pumpkin, and it played hide and seek with me. And I brought it home, and I did a dance. And all the other ones did a dance, then the pumpkin decided to copy them, so it did! And then it flew about and then it landed on the couch. The ghost flew down the back. It knew that something was breaking. His favourite toy. And by the time he got down, he saw what it was. His own wiping drawing thing, and it was blue. Even the handle. Even the pens! Even the colour!! Even the back!!! Until the whole house was blue. And the inside. And we were blue too! And all the friends that I met too. Anyway, that pumpkin just sat there, playing hide and seek. But he didn’t bother because he knew there was dark clouds out there. So he didn’t go out to play hide and seek. That’s the end.
Jamie Cuthbertson, Aged 4. Belhaven nursery school.

7-10 year old category – Hannah Watters

It was a cold Hallowe’en night in the Children’s Woods when I saw a strange figure lurking in the shadows. I looked around but none of my fellow trick or treaters seemed to notice it. As I stared I saw the figure move slowly through the trees, although knew I shouldn’t I followed.  As I crept through the woods away from the cosy glow of the lanterns and the comfort of my fellow guisers I felt very afraid. I watched as the figure approached a dark van and removed a very large and heavy looking container,as I stretched to take a closer look I stepped on something, a resounding crack echoed around the woods. Oh no the figure had heard and was approaching me as fast as it could whilst dragging the vast container! I could hear it scraping through the path as I made my way blindly through the bushes back to safety.  Just as I was about to clear the densely wooded area and reach the safety of my friends a hand grabbed my shoulder!! Arghhhhhhh! I let out a scream and my friends turned towards my voice.  The figure gave a hearty laugh and said well I didn’t think everyone would like my pumpkin soup but I didn’t expect folks to run screaming before they tried it!   Everyone laughed when they heard this but I didn’t mind as I got an extra large bowl of the tasty soup.                     The end.

Hannah Watters.   Age 9. Caldercuilt Primary

10-14 year old category – Rebekah Watters

It was a cold Hallowe’en night in the Children’s Woods when I saw a boy about my age standing almost hidden in the bushes.  He was watching the halloween revellers rather intently and I wondered why he didn’t just come out and join us. Maybe he’s shy I though? So I decided to approach him and introduced my self. Hi I’m Bex I said, I love your costume. The boy was dressed in a very old outfit rather reminiscent of a character from “Oliver”. Are you a workhouse boy then? I asked.  At this he turned and looked at me and said yes…yes I am, my name is Archie. “Come out and join the party” I said “your costume is too good to hide away! He tentatively followed me out and I found us a seat on a log and went to fetch us a juice and some warm soup.  When I returned Archie was waiting exactly were I left him looking rather lost so I decided to sit with him and chat for a bit.               While we chatted I noticed no one else joined us in fact every one was giving me strange looks!  After a while Archie said he had to go so I walked him to the edge of the woods and he took my hand and said will you be my friend….”Of course I will Archie” I said and as I fumbled for my phone to exchange numbers I looked up and he was gone.    Odd I though so I called his name and when he didn’t respond I went back to find my friends.      What’s with you they all asked.. “What”? I said, they said I had been sitting in corner for ages talking to myself! Don’t be daft I exclaimed! When I told them about Archie they all shook their heads and said “what boy”?!      Later one of the adult leaders told us the story of the old workhouse that used to stand on ground nearby and of how the ghost of a lonely orphan boy is often seen around the area……my friends looked at me and I realised then that Archie was that ghost! I had spent the night chatting with the ghost! My new friend was a spook!          That was last Halloween, this year I’m going back and do you know what…I’m kind of looking forward to visiting the woods and hope that my spooky chum pops up to say hello.      The end.

Rebekah Watters.                Age 12.                                 Bearsden Academy

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