Children’s Wood and Meadow Planning Application

The Children’s Wood  have submitted a planning application for developing the existing shed on The Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow.  You may have received a letter about this.  The building currently stands at the Clouston Street Side of the land.  We plan to upgrade this building to support community development.  We plan to add on a small extension to allow us to work with community groups.  This will not be a nursery area as suggested in the title.  It will be a place to support our staff and volunteers, it will be a place that is dry and safe for schools and groups to leave bags and valuables when they come to visit, it will support community cooking sessions and other community activities.

Currently we have no running water, no electricity and no toilet. On top of this, our storage space is dark (since there is no electricity) and has no insulation, heating or structure for storage inside.  Having a space that can be a multifunctional space for community use will allow us to meet these needs.

The Children’s Wood employ 4 staff as well as many sessional workers, we support the involvement of over 100 volunteers locally.  Staff and volunteers help to manage the land and to involve community. Having the shed upgraded would make the conditions much more productive and supportive for staff and volunteers. Developing the shed will  allow us to work with groups who currently find it difficulty to access the land such as some older people and those facing physical constraints.  We hope this will build community and intergenerational connections.

The groups we currently run are:

  • outdoor toddler groups (Wednesday, Friday)
  • mental health group (Friday)
  • intergenerational outdoor play group (Saturday)
  • youth club
  • gardening and land maintenance  (Wednesday, monthly weekend sessions)
  • community events (monthly)
  • schools activities (daily)

You can see our plans on the attached pictures. If you want to find out more please give us a call on 07762029663

Planning application for the upgrade of the existing shed

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