Building resilience

Some people argue that children these days are less resilient than they were in the past; finding it hard to cope with the inevitable setbacks and challenges that life throws at them. 

We believe strongly that the Children’s Wood playgroup (and North Kelvin Meadow in general) is helping children to build on their already natural levels of resilience.  Today was a good example, there were some high moments (splashing in puddles and digging) and some challenging moments (making a den in pouring rain and feeling less comfortable in cold wet weather) Though there were some grizzles from children (and adults!!) they overcame them and got on and enjoyed being outside.

It’s not just the weather that builds resilience.  Being outside in nature is a great opportunity to foster resilience by doing things like meeting and overcoming fears (such as picking up slugs or spiders) or learning to climb a tree.

‘in a stressful, fast-changing world, boosting resilience in individuals and communities could help inoculate against depression and other mental illness, while boosting self-confidence, achievement levels and productivity.’  (See here for resilience resources where this quote came from)

We had a great turnout at Children’s Wood playgroup today, despite the challenges.  This, we hope, will add to the repertoire of resilience building experiences for children and their parents.

Hope to see you next week!

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