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Flower Power: The Land Needs You

Planting extravaganza 

when – 2nd March 11-2pm

where – Community Garden on North Kelvin Meadow

Come and join the community in supporting the development and biodiversity of the land. Seeds and plants will survive in the land much better after being cultivated at home first.

Collect seeds from us, plant them in a small pot and take them home to grow. After a few weeks you can bring them back to the land to plant.

Together we can do more for the land including increasing biodiversity, supporting the wild aspect of the land and also creating more colour throughout the year.

Everyone is welcome

The Dear Wild Place: Greenspaces, Community and Campaigning

In The Dear Wild Place local campaigner Emily Cutts recounts her community’s successful David and Goliath struggle against housing development in Glasgow’s North Kelvin Meadow, also known as ‘the Children’s Wood’. Emily talks about the importance of green space for physical and mental health. She explains why getting children outdoors is crucially important for their well-being and outlines the innovative projects at the heart of the Children’s Wood campaign.

In conversation with Carol Craig, series editor for Postcards from Scotland, Emily also reveals how her campaign group galvanised their community to challenge the rampant materialism of modern life.



Meet our new Community Gardeners

Christine – Hello. I’m the new community gardener. I’ve been in the community development field for 35 years and I’m now working as a freelance gardener as it’s been my life long passion. I’m here on a Wednesday from 11-1 and I’m looking for volunteers to help prepare the community garden for Spring. I can’t wait to get to everyone and cook a big pot of soup with our produce next year!


Christine, Community Gardener

Stacey – I’ll be working with the gardening project as part of my university placement. I am currently in my 3rd year studying Community Development at the University of Glasgow. I’ve been in the community development sector for 5 years and in the past 2 years I have been leading a gardening project for young people where they have the opportunity to learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables and cook yummy meals with their produce! I’m passionate about social change and equality. I can’t wait to get to stuck in and get my hands dirty! I hope to see you soon!

Community Development Worker

Stacey is also one of our youth workers at the G20 Youth Festival. More will be on here about that project soon.

Children’s Wood and Meadow Planning Application

The Children’s Wood  have submitted a planning application for developing the existing shed on The Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow.  You may have received a letter about this.  The building currently stands at the Clouston Street Side of the land.  We plan to upgrade this building to support community development.  We plan to add on a small extension to allow us to work with community groups.  This will not be a nursery area as suggested in the title.  It will be a place to support our staff and volunteers, it will be a place that is dry and safe for schools and groups to leave bags and valuables when they come to visit, it will support community cooking sessions and other community activities.

Currently we have no running water, no electricity and no toilet. On top of this, our storage space is dark (since there is no electricity) and has no insulation, heating or structure for storage inside.  Having a space that can be a multifunctional space for community use will allow us to meet these needs.

The Children’s Wood employ 4 staff as well as many sessional workers, we support the involvement of over 100 volunteers locally.  Staff and volunteers help to manage the land and to involve community. Having the shed upgraded would make the conditions much more productive and supportive for staff and volunteers. Developing the shed will  allow us to work with groups who currently find it difficulty to access the land such as some older people and those facing physical constraints.  We hope this will build community and intergenerational connections.

The groups we currently run are:

  • outdoor toddler groups (Wednesday, Friday)
  • mental health group (Friday)
  • intergenerational outdoor play group (Saturday)
  • youth club
  • gardening and land maintenance  (Wednesday, monthly weekend sessions)
  • community events (monthly)
  • schools activities (daily)

You can see our plans on the attached pictures. If you want to find out more please give us a call on 07762029663

Planning application for the upgrade of the existing shed

AGM and skills share

Friday 23rd February
Learn a Skill: 3:30 – 4:30pm
@Children’s Wood
AGM 4:45 – 6:30pm
@Kelbourne Primary School

Skills Workshops – Children’s Wood 3:30pm until 4:30pm.

Workshops include:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Loose Parts Play
  • Fire
  • Nature Crafts

AGM – Kelbourne Primary School 4:45pm – 6:30pm

  • Snacks and drinks
  • CW charity – Where we’ve come from, where we’re going
  • Update regarding the shed upgrade
  • News from collaborative projects like National Theatre of Scotland, Visible Fiction, Beedookit and Theatre Studio
  • AGM admin: accounts, roles and responsibilities
  • Yearly programme of events
    Children are welcome

January Update


We’ve had a busy two weeks back to work, and play, on the land.  The playgroups are back on (Wednesday 10-12pm and Friday 11-1pm)  and the Saturday Outdoor Play sessions, (10-12pm)  Also the schools sessions are back on and Andrea has been busy. Thanks to all the schools for coming to the land and helping the community to get outside more.  It’s great to see so many groups coming to the land out with our sessions.   Its been lovely snowy and frosty weather.  Despite the conditions lots of people have come out to play.   Forest School will be starting next week with Dunard Primary school and we have a new volunteer Lynn who will be supporting Andrea in leading the Forest School. Lynn is also Level 3 Forest School trained. School children will be coming to work with Kathleen Friend on the beedookit project – they will be building a periscope so that the bees can be safely observed. We’ll be posting more information about this on the website soon.

We’ve welcomed a group of students from Strathclyde University teacher training department who will be leading some sessions for schools over the next few Mondays.   We also have a group of 28 Canadian Academics coming to visit the land – through an inspiring Scotland and Glasgow City Council collaboration on showcasing outdoor learning in Scotland.  They will be coming to see what we are doing for supporting and creating opportunities for  outdoor play and learning.

Strathclyde University Teacher Training students

Mental Health

Our focus this year is going to be on Mental Health and we hope to do more to support adult mental health in our community.  We know that one in four people in Scotland will experience a significant mental health problem and that the financial cost of mental health in Scotland is in excess of £10 billion per year.  We hope to play a small part in our community to support the other services already making a difference. We believe that no matter who you are you will benefit from time outside in nature and lots of evidence supports this – getting outside makes you feel good. Also, the great thing about nature is that it has no adverse side effects, apart from the cold!! We’ve already welcomed a group from the Restart project in Maryhill and had a fire together on the land and we hope to do more on for supporting mental health and well-being. The Conservation Volunteers will be leading a 5 Ways to Well-being group on the land starting on Friday 16th February (time TBC) for 4 – 6 weeks.  We’ve applied for a joint funding application to continue this project for at least another year. If successful, we will be able to do more for mental health in the area as the TCV will train up people within our community to help to continue to deliver the programme long into the future.  We’re continuing our collaboration with Glasgow University and some of the Masters students will be researching various aspects of both community and nature on mental health.  We met with them on the land this week.  Please get in touch if you are a local doctor or work with groups who could benefit from the targeted sessions. childrenswood@ We’ll keep you posted.

Healthy Eating

Riikka, will be continuing the after school healthy eating programme. The Afterschool Food Club returns on Wednesday 24th January! Sessions will be held at the Kelbourne Street Scouthall from 3.30-4.30. We would love to know how many families are interested in attending, so if you are planning on coming please email There is also an opportunity to volunteer and gain some experience/knowledge in healthy eating; if you are interested, please email us!


Joni is on annual leave so the Wednesday gardening sessions won’t be returning until February.  Daniel is around on a Friday and will be working on various jobs including the sensory garden and in the community garden building raised beds.  The next Volunteer Action Weekend is the first weekend of February 12-4pm. Come and join us. The more people involved the better

Burns for Bairns – 27th January

Our lovely pal, Children’s Wood supporter and Patron, and all round talented guy Tam Dean Burn will be coming to the Children’s Wood next Saturday 27th of January to perform Burns for Bairns. Bring your lunch and stay on after the Sat am Outdoor Play session for Tam’s 12pm performance. Have a look at Tam’s previous Rabbie Burns reading in the wood from 4 years ago.

Other upcoming information

There are two larger projects happening on the land this year, the beedookit and the  the National Theatre for Scotland production of the Play The Reason I Jump  a play based on the book by Autistic 13 year old boy who has Autism.  The performance will be happening during the last 2 weeks of June. We know how powerful the land can be for people who are on the Autistic Spectrum, we have seen the benefits in terms of language, emotions and behaviour so we are excited to support this project.  Do get in touch if you are interested to know more. The Beedookit will be built over the next few months and the bees will be going into the beedookit at the end of  March/April.

We are also applying for a building warrant to do up the shed, Alex MacGregor is currently drawing up plans.  This means we will have  running water a small kitchen and a toilet Yay!  We’ll keep you posted as we will have to fundraise to make this happen.  Do let us know if you’d like to help raise money by raising for the Children’s wood when doing any charity fundraising events.

There will be the usual community events and other activities happening so we’ll keep you posted.

Tree Planting Day

Join us for a day of tree planting in The Children’s Wood!

Saturday 18th November: 10am – 3pm.

Everyone welcome! Hot drinks provided.

Please bring your own lunch or snack and dress for the Scottish weather. Gardening gloves and sturdy footwear recomended.

– – We have received around 300 trees from The Woodland Trust and will be planting these following guidelines provided in our most recent tree survey.

Following the professional advice given our aim is to improve the biodiversity and wildlife habitats in The Childrens Wood. We will be planting trees and hedging packs that will improve the under-storey and soil quality of the woodland.

The tree survey is available on the land for anyone to read – you will find it hanging on the notice board. Please take the time to read through this if you have any queries. – –

And join us on Saturday to contribute to the health and sustainability of this precious woodland, watch YOUR tree grow as you visit for years to come.

We are recruiting

Sadly, Jayson is leaving us and moving on to a full time permanent position in Fife. We’d like to send on our best wishes Jayson and his family who have played a part in meadow and wood life over the past few years.We’d like to say thank you Jayson’s hard work over the past few months in this job role. He has implemented some positive changes to the land which make the meadow and wood look even more amazing and he has encouraged more people within the community to get involved.


Postcode Lottery Funding

Great news! Our project has just received £20,000 from the Postcode Local Trust for the Sustainable Futures project.



The local bats have been active around North Kelvin meadow and The Children’s Wood .  They’ve been out in groups of about 5 most nights at about 8:45pm. You can observe them from the meadow and wood.