The local bats have been active around North Kelvin meadow and The Children’s Wood .  They’ve been out in groups of about 5 most nights at about 8:45pm. You can observe them from the meadow and wood.

(see some footage below from a local resident of the bat activity)

The bat survey work submitted to Glasgow City council by New City Vision for their planning application (to build 90 residences on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood) is out of date i.e. over 18 months and should be repeated.

The surveys they carried out in 2014 were carried out relatively late in the season. Ideally surveys should be spread between late April and September. In Scotland bats can move to their transitional roosts in July so roosting bats may have been missed. There are potential roosting sites for bats that haven’t been mentioned including:

  • one large lime that had a hole on the main stem (There is a cavity at 2m on the south side of the stem of tree 3987 – tree report)
  • and also within ivy and other climbers attached to trees (also mentioned in tree report – tree numbers 3982, 3983, 3993, 3985, 3986, 3987, 3988, 3989, 3991)
  • and walls.
  • Bats can use gaps, holes, crevices etc as low as 1 metre. Trees that had potential for roosting bats even if classed as low/medium should have been surveyed individually rather than as it appears in 2012 when only 3 surveyors were used to watch the trees, building and foraging through the gaps from a wide view.

In 2014 only 2 surveyors were used. It would have been very easy to have missed emerging bats given the low number of surveyors. There is no mention in the methodology of what equipment was used for surveying;  What type of detector was used and was a digital recording device attached;  What software analysis was used to determine species (bats such as Brown long-eared can be ; extremely quiet but their calls may show on analysis;  were lamps used e.g. red filtered lamps to aid surveying without disturbance to bats. Survey times started 15-20 minutes before sunset. Where there is a risk of pipistrelle species being present as there was in this case the guidelines (2012) suggest that surveys should start up to 30 minutes before sunset. Also it is noted that one surveyor moved to a different location on the 24th July 2014 at 22.28. It is not good practise to move locations when carrying out emergence surveys.

In conclusion, bats a very evident on the meadow and wood and we believe that the survey carried out for New City Vision was not adequate and should be repeated. In the mean time, why not come down and enjoy an evening stroll across the land and look out for our wee bat friends.

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