2 days to go.. we need your help


We’ve organised a Thunderclap but if we don’t have 250 people signed up it won’t happen!  PLEASE sign up and it will share the link the petition on your social media for you at 10 am on 29th Feb

People notice when a little voice becomes a BIG noise – and a one-off THUNDERCLAP can make that happen on social media. If you are a Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr user, you can permit THUNDERCLAP (a website) to post a **single** message on your social media at a **single** point in time – for us, that’s 10am February 29th, the day before the petition is handed over to the Government. Imagine the social media VOLUME of thousands of our accounts all thundering “Save the Meadow” at exactly the same time, sharing with all our contacts. We expect to see a surge of signatures that evening, just before we hand over the petition to the Scottish Government on 1st March.
To do this, go to https://t.co/QpT7ph94Rv and click on the RED links that say “support with FACEBOOK”, “support with TWITTER”, and “support with TUMBLR”. PLEASE sign up if you haven’t already – if we don’t reach 250 it won’t happen


Two days to go until we deliver our petition to MSP Alex Neil at the Scottish Government asking him to ‘call-in’ the New City Vision planning application to build housing on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood. Please sign our petition and share it with 5 friends. Download apaper petitionto share with colleagues and networks. We’ll be delivering the petition to the Scottish Government on the 1st of March. Get in touch if you’d like to pass on your paper petitions.   07762029663

Delivering the petition

Please join us outside the Parliament building this Tuesday, 1st of March, to deliver our online petition to MSP Alex Neil, asking him to ‘call-in’ the planning application to build on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood.


Please keep sending in your pictures supporting the meadow and wood childrenswood@gmail.com





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